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Laser Safety Barriers - Curtains and Panels

Manufactured in-house with guaranteed high-quality materials and fast lead time. We offer a variety of laser rated panel systems and tailored curtains with protection options to fit your laser requirements. Mounting options include ceiling, floor and wall.

Please email or call us at 651-357-1800 to talk to one of our Certified Laser Safety Officers.

Mounted Laser Safety Barriers

  • We tailor curtains for you in different lengths and sizes
  • Our mounted Laser Safety Barriers are made to fit any room or enclosure

Foldable Laser Safety Panels

  • Provides easy movement and storage to maximize your space
  • Moves and positions easily to fit into your application
  • Available as 3, 5, 7, and 9 panel systems extending to 25' W x 6'10" H

Extendable Laser Safety Panels

  • Easy movement and storage to maximize space
  • Panels slide easily in and out to fit your application
  • Allow for mobility, quick set up, and easy storage in your facility

Framed Laser Safety Panels and Curtains

  • Tailored to your laser containment requirements
  • Can be designed as portable of mounted systems
  • Variety of layout alternatives
  • Built from black aluminum hardware

Laser Safety Enclosures

  • Custom enclosures for optical tables and laser systems
  • Feature high laser protection of 1000 W/cm2 maximum irradiance level
  • Available with panels and a variety of window options

Window Protection

  • Window Cover options for grommet, hook & loop or magnet installation
  • Easy Roll-up Roller Shades to keep your window view when the laser is not in use

Laser Sentry™ Interlock Laser Safety System

Laser Safety Interlock

  • Door and laser control system that manages entry, egress, and laser emissions