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Laser Safety Barriers - Curtains and Panels

Manufactured in-house with guaranteed high-quality materials and fast lead time. We offer a variety of tailored laser rated curtains with protection options to fit your laser requirements. Mounting options include ceiling, floor and wall.

Please email or call us at 651-357-1800 to talk to one of our Certified Laser Safety Officers.

Mounted Laser Safety Barriers

  • We tailor curtains for you in different lengths and sizes
  • Our mounted Laser Safety Barriers are made to fit any room or enclosure

Foldable Laser Safety Panels

  • Provides easy movement and storage to maximize your space
  • Moves and positions easily to fit into your application
  • Available as 3, 5, 7, and 9 panel systems extending to 25' W x 6'10" H

Extendable Laser Safety Panels

  • Easy movement and storage to maximize space
  • Panels slide easily in and out to fit your application
  • Allow for mobility, quick set up, and easy storage in your facility

Framed Laser Safety Panels and Curtains

  • Tailored to your laser containment requirements
  • Can be designed as portable of mounted systems
  • Variety of layout alternatives
  • Built from black aluminum hardware

Laser Safety Enclosures

  • Custom enclosures for optical tables and laser systems
  • Feature high laser protection of 1000 W/cm2 maximum irradiance level
  • Available with panels and a variety of window options

Window Protection

  • Window Cover options for grommet, hook & loop or magnet installation
  • Easy Roll-up Roller Shades to keep your window view when the laser is not in use

Laser Sentry™ Interlock Laser Safety System

Laser Safety Interlock

  • Door and laser control system that manages entry, egress, and laser emissions