Laservision USA
Galvanized steel hardware for Laser Safety Curtains


Mounting Hardware for Laser Safety Curtains

All Laservision Mounting Hardware is made of industrial grade, tough, galvanized steel and is our standard mounting solution. Our hardware is designed to minimize installation and maintenance labor. Click here to download this page in .pdf file format.

For different laser curtain hardware configurations please contact us at 651-357-1800 and we will be happy to assist you.

Hardware and accessories include:

  • Black powder coating of the hardware
  • Fasteners (hook & loop or heavy duty 3M dual lock)
  • Steel wheel trolleys
  • Curved or straight tracks
  • Base plates for floor mounting
  • Grommets

Please see below the pictures of our most commonly used Laser Curtain Mounting Hardware:

Mounting Hardware - Curtains
Part Number: 9101
Gage Roller Track
Part Number: 9102
Curved Track
Part Number: 9104
Track Splice Wall Mount Down
Part Number: 9201
Track Bracket Wall Mount Down
Part Number: 9203
Wall End Mount
Part Number: 9205
Curved Track Hanging Mount
Part Number: 9301
Track Splice Vertical
Part Number: 9302
Track Bracket Vertical
Part Number: 9303
Track Bracket Right Angle Vertical
Part Number: 9304
Track Bracket 3-Way Vertical
Part Number: 9305
Part Number: 9306
S Hook
Part Number: 9307
Curved Track Ceiling Mount
Part Number: 9401
Track Splice Ceiling
Part Number: 9402
Track Bracket Ceiling
Part Number: 9403
Track Bracket Right Angle Ceiling
Part Number: 9404
Track Bracket 3-Way Ceiling
Part Number: 9405
Curved Track Braket Floor
Part Number: 9500
Track Splice Floor
Part Number: 9502
Track Bracket Floor Support
Part Number: 9503
Track Bracket Right Angle Floor
Part Number: 9504
Track Bracket 3-Way Floor
Part Number: 9505
Base Plate
Part Numbers: 9508-9509
Part Numbers: 9510-9514
Track Splice Threaded Rod
Part Number: 9601
Track Bracket Threaded Rod
Part Number: 9602
Track Bracket Right Angle Threaded Rod
Part Number: 9603
Track Bracket 3-Way Threaded Rod
Part Numbers: 9604
Threaded Rod
Part Numbers: 9605
Coupling Nut
Part Number: 9607