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Laser Safety Filter Technology


Laser Safety Filter Technology

Polycarbonate Filter Technology for Laser Eyewear

Laservision offers the most advanced collection of polymer or polycarbonate laser safety eyewear filters.

We employ leading material science at our state-of-the-art production facilities to consistently produce the most advanced laser absorbers and coatings. Our development efforts have resulted in a complete line of polycarbonate laser eyewear.

Polycarbonate filters are:

  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Offered in a large variety of frame styles
  • Best suited for low-mid power density laser applications
  • Some are impact resistant, ANSI Z87 compliant

Glass Filter Technology for Laser Eyewear

Laservision leads the industry in the production of specialty glass filters for laser eye protection.

All glass filters are produced at our advanced glass processing facility according to exacting standards. With over fourteen glass filters, our selection of laser safety glass eyewear is unparalleled. Laservision has the capacity to develop custom glass filters specifically to your application requirements. Glass laser eyewear sets the standard in the moderate to high-power laser categories.

Glass filters offer:

  • Superior optical properties
  • Improved visible light transmission (VLT)
  • Excellent color balance
  • High level of protection over wide range

Thin-Film-Coated Filter Technology for Laser Eyewear

Thin-film-coated laser eyewear from Laservision sets the gold standard for laser safety.

The advanced materials lab at Laservision creates superior reflective coatings that offer the highest levels of protection and VLT for all laser applications. Our thin-film-coating (also referred to as nanospec) technology can be applied to both polycarbonate and glass lenses for any laser application. If your application demands advanced protection and excellent VLT, consider Laservision thin-film laser eyewear as your solution.

Nanospec technology provides:

  • High Optical Density* reflective coatings
  • Premium VLT
  • Color balance
  • An answer to the challenge of pico and femtosecond pulse protection
  • Protection for many low-high power densities laser applications

For any questions about our laser eyewear filter technologies, please call us at 651-357-1800.

* Optical density (OD) is the attenuation of light that passes through an optical filter. The higher the OD value the higher the attenuation. The mathematic expression of optical density is the logarithm to the base ten of the reciprocal of the transmittance and is given by the following equation: OD = -log10 (T). OD is a measure that indicates how many decimal places the transmission shifts at the required wavelength. OD is a unitless function. An OD of 2 allows 0.01% transmission, while OD 4 allows 0.0001% of transmission photon.