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Newest Laser Safety Glasses and Eyewear Products


Newest Laser Eyewear Filter Technologies

Laservision is committed to research and develop new laser safety technologies for its valued customers. Please see below our latest polycarbonate filters for Laser Safety Eyewear.

For any questions about our innovations in laser safety, please contact Laservision at 651-357-1800.

P5L07 - Multiband Filter for Dermatology and R&D

P5L07 is optimized for laser treatments in Dermatology and Ophthalmology. This one filter covers 532 nm, 755 nm, and 1064 nm wavelengths.

P5M01 - Medical, R&D, and Low-Power Industrial IR Lasers

New CE-certified P5M01 polycarbonate filter was created for Medical, R&D, and Industrial low-power IR laser applications.

M-rated for ultrafast femtosecond lasers

P5P10 - Industrial and R&D IR Lasers

New CE-certified P5P10 laser safety eyewear stands out for its high protection for common Mid IR lasers including Diode, Nd:YAG, Disk & Fiber.

M-rated for ultrafast femtosecond lasers

P07 - Laser Safety Eyewear for Patients

P07 patient eyewear was developed in a close cooperation with medical professionals and it is compatible with virtually all medical lasers. The combination of special plastic material for the frame and the silicone eye caps offer high laser protection without sacrificing comfort.

F29 Ergonomic Laser Safety Eyewear

F29 laser safety eyewear is lightweight, adjustable, and offers a wide field of view. The eyewear is ergonomically designed to minimize the pressure points on the user’s face and to provide comfort over long term usage.