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Laser Safety Windows | Laser Safety Domes + Face Shields + Sheets


Laser Safety Windows and Domes, Active Window, and Laser Face Shields

Acrylic laser safety windows and domes provide excellent protection for laser applications and demonstrations. Check out our custom-made laser safety curtains and laser safety panels for large area laser protection solutions.

Active Window is a unique laser safety technology that can detect laser presence in the room and, if necessary, turn it off within milliseconds.

Laservision Laser Safety Face Shields are designed to protect person's eyes and face during welding work. We also offer a great selection of glass, polycarbonate, and Nanospec thin-film laser safety eyewear.

To view more information about each of these products, please select the category below. Please do not hesitate to contact Laservision at 651-357-1800 for any questions.

Laservision Acrylic Laser Viewing Windows

Laser Safety Windows

  • Laser-rated glass and acrylic windows that protect from variety of lasers and wavelengths
  • Multiple size options and thicknesses available
Laservision Active Window Laser Safety Technology

Active Window

  • New technology to detect and shut down automatic industrial high power lasers (820 - 1100 nm)
  • CE certified
Laservision Acrylic Laser Viewing Domes or Enclosures

Laser Viewing Domes/Enclosures

  • Acrylic laser eye protection for small laser experiments/demos
  • Protection available for multiple lasers and wavelengths
Laser Safety Face Shields | Laser and UV Protection

Laser Safety Face Shields

  • Ideal for laser eye protection during welding operations