Aviation Safety


Laser and Glare Protection

Powerful lasers are now inexpensive and easy to purchase, making public and private safety more difficult to control. Air traffic personnel and pilots are increasingly being affected. Attacks on police and emergency services during public demonstrations are also on the rise. The danger caused by even a short, grazing incidence of a powerful visible laser light can cause blindness or long-lasting glare inside the eye. Even with new laws in place, the number of reported incidents has doubled in the last year.

laservision can offer perfectly matched solutions. We are laser safety experts with a variety of absorbing polycarbonate, glass and thin-film coated glass filters, which give us the unique capability to offer tailored laser safety solutions to all users. In close cooperation with existing customers, we continue to further develop products that provide laser protection for all pilots, police, rescue forces and more. We protect your eyes.

Need help selecting the right eye protection? Give us a call at 800-393-5565 or email us today to talk to one of our Certified Laser Safety Officers. Click here for more on Laser and Glare Protection.


Ease-in ShieldTM


Now featuring our Aviation Edition EASE-IN SHIELDTM

An alternative to our fit-over eyewear, these shields fit comfortably behind your existing eyeglasses, protecting you from glare while inflight.

While not in use, slip them into your shirt pocket for quick and easy access at any moment.






Aviation Protective Eyewear